Sorry it Has been so Long! News News News~~~

I have not posted in a long time! I have been crazy busy working my butt off! I currently am down 23lbs and 38 inches! If you add that to the 23lbs that I lost breastfeeding (which unfortunately I cannot do anymore, not by choice), I am down 46lbs and 38 inches! I am beyond happy and I am only 7lbs away from pre pregnancy weight!!! YAY

The funny part is that I am smaller in inches than I was before I got pregnant! Because I have been doing so well, I have decided to become a coach and help others reach their goals! Feel free to message me if you want to join my warrior mommas in losing weight and learning to live a healthy lifestyle!


Keeping on track

So I am days into the 21day fix.  I have lost 5lbs already and my eating habits are slowly changing. My body is so sore but I am looking forward to my workout tomorrow!


3day refresh

I was going to start the 3 day refresh this week but my son started teething and he is not sleeping at all. So I need caffeine right now. I have to dink coffee right now, so I am holding off for at least a week. I am still doing the 21 day fix workouts and I am starting the meal plan tomorrow. 


Cardio Fix workout!

So I missed yesterdays workout because I was not feeling the best. Not the way I wanted to start this month but I can’t control my immune system.  So today I did the cardio fix. It hurt like crazy but I feel amazing. I keep a picture of me when I was smaller and happy and look at that for motivation. My son is also a motivation, I want to be around a long time for him.



Start date

So I received my beachbody package in the mail today. I was going to start on the first but I decided to start it after Easter.  No I am not procrastinating! I actually have a good reason for doing it this way. I want to do my refresh first and then start the shakes. I am continuing to do workouts and eat as healthy as possible but I don’t want to do the refresh until after Easter so that it gets rid of that Holiday bloat. I just want to make sure I start off the best possible way




Starting Shakeology and 21 day fix!

I am anxiously waiting for my shakeology box to show up! I ordered the shakeology, 3day refresh and I already have the 21 day fix. I am super excited to start this. The last time that I did this, I did it right before my wedding and I lost almost 30lbs. I have been so upset about my weight and not happy at all. I do not like feeling like this. So it is time to get up and do something about it!